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China's Transition from an Ancient Civilization State to a Modern Great Power

Islamabad, Aug. 9: China is an ancient civilization state with thousands of years of history. China’s world view has been shaped by its historical experience, ge Read Full Article..

India's China-Phobia Might Lead to Strategic Myopia

BEIJING, July 3 (Xinhua) : Concerns over a rising China have, to some extent, spiraled into a kind of "strategic anxiety" regarding the country among some In Read Full Article..

Strategic communication necessary for Sino-Indian ties to strengthen

Strategic communication between China and India is necessary for the two countries. The Indian government refused to participate in the Belt and Road Forum for Interna Read Full Article..

India needs to learn that economic development comes before a naval buildup

"China is planning to build more aircraft carriers to bolster its maritime capabilities, which could pose a bigger threat to India," India's Economic Tim Read Full Article..

China eyes trillion-RMB nuclear power market along 'Belt and Road'

Chinese companies are craving access to the colossal untapped potential of the nuclear power industry in Belt and Road countries, which could yield a market of up to 4 Read Full Article..

Sino-American relations after Xi's Florida visit

A few hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping left Florida, the U.S. Carl Vinson Strike Group departed from Singapore and sailed northward into the Western Pacific Oc Read Full Article..

Belt and Road plans to benefit world

China's leadership is vital for the success of the Belt and Road Initiative (the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road). It will not be easy, Read Full Article..

China's overseas investment regulations will prevent risks from harming economy

China needs to minimize financial risks as its companies seek to invest overseas with standardized management and ramp up efforts to improve investment efficiency and Read Full Article..

Western media distort BRICS' rising clout

The question that seems to linger in Western mainstream media is, "for how long will BRICS hold?" Initial reports by the same media seem to suggest that it w Read Full Article..

The Belt and Road Initiative: the way forward

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the "Belt and Road" (B&R) initiative in late 2013. It comprises the "Belt," which is a network of roads Read Full Article..

Major takeaways from China-India strategic dialogue

In assessing the recently concluded China-India strategic dialogue, the common expression "glass half full and glass half empty" can come very handy. While t Read Full Article..

China and India have potential for more cooperation

An article in the Indian daily The Economic Times on February 13 titled "India could be Donald Trump's next trade war target" mentions that bilateral tra Read Full Article..

China's B&R initiative can strengthen energy ties

US President Donald Trump's energy independence policy aims to increase domestic oil production and reduce the country's dependence on oil imports. Specificall Read Full Article..

Can China, US cooperate on Afghan issues?

After winning the presidential election, Donald Trump's "America First" doctrine has created a prominent shift in the US' foreign relationships. Trum Read Full Article..

Can China revitalize SAARC?

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SSARC) is a virtual recreation of the bitter rivalry between two nuclear powers -- India and Pakistan. Its 19th s Read Full Article..

The world will be listening to Xi Jinping at Davos

Xi Jinping is the first Chinese president to speak at the Davos World Economic Forum. This visit has attracted even greater international media attention than the norm Read Full Article..

China-India ties can jumpstart an Asian revolution

Economically, it's been a banner year for India. In February, it surpassed China as the world's fastest-growing economy. In October, the IMF predicted India wo Read Full Article..

Collapse of Anglo-US model highlight of 2016

It was a dramatic year in world politics. After a long period of slowly-accumulating social and economic contradictions, a new and tumultuous era has opened up, herald Read Full Article..

What is China's role in global governance?

Editor's Note: This week we are presenting a year-end review of the global economy, China's economy, society and diplomacy, and the international situation. To Read Full Article..

China-Russia strategic coordination acts as stabilizer of world peace

The China-Russia relationship has been maintained at a high level since the beginning of 2016. The all-round cooperation on all fronts has not only brought benefits to Read Full Article..

15 years in WTO, China now standing as standard-bearer of globalization

BEIJING, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- With tough transitional challenges ahead and painstaking adjustments behind, China has risen to become a bellwether of global free trade a Read Full Article..

China at the centre of the world order

A world disillusioned by the rise of Donald Trump in the US and his strong preference for extreme rightist views will no doubt look for other leaders in the global sys Read Full Article..

Can China overtake US to lead the world?

Discussions were running high on global governance among Western public opinion on the eve of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders meeting in Lima, Peru.

Read Full Article..

China contributes to UN undertakings

Beijing:  Oct. 25 marks the 45th anniversary of the recovery of China ’ s rightful seat in the United Nations . Looking back over the past 45 years , China Read Full Article..

The West Would Lose More Than It Gains from Withholding China's Market Economy Status

The multilateral trading system plays a key role in building global prosperity and in maintaining world peace, but the system is being jeopardized by political conside Read Full Article..

Duterte's China visit: A pivot towards Beijing?

Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) holds talks with his Philippine counterpart Rodrigo Duterte in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 20, 2016.

Read Full Article..

Major takeaways from Goa BRICS Summit

With the curtain falling on the much awaited BRICS Summit, it is time to examine what new milestones this promising club of five emerging powers was able to produce in Read Full Article..

Chinese Renminbi's inclusion in SDR

"The inclusion of the renminbi in the SDR is the biggest structural event in currency markets since the creation of the euro66." This was the title of a rece Read Full Article..

Meaning of Renminbi's SDR basket membership

China's Renminbi (RMB) becomes a new addition to the basket of currencies maintained by the IMF as part of its Special Drawing Rights on Oct 1.

According Read Full Article..

Inevitable 'Easternisation'

Recently, and especially during the Rio Olympics, a lot of articles were written about Chinese Olympics performance vis a vis the US and UK. As any astute foreign poli Read Full Article..

G20: Hangzhou wins world's attention

In less than one month, world attention will turn towards Hangzhou. The G20 Summit will see the leaders of the stronger economies of the world gathering for the eleven Read Full Article..

Cold War mentality should be abandoned when it comes to China-US military ties

The military relationship between China and the U.S. dominated discussion during the 15th Shangri-la Dialogue, which kicked off last Friday in Singapore.

Dur Read Full Article..

Mukherjee to China: Mission to soften bilateral hard lines

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee's four-day visit to China on May 24-27, 2016 was of much more than symbolic importance. Contrary to the customary perception of a Read Full Article..

AIIB cooperates with ADB for joint development

Jin Liqun, President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), along with Takehiko Nakao, President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), recently inked a mem Read Full Article..

Great powers and alliances in a multipolar world

Over the week I attended a seminar on great powers and alliances, especially alliance systems and how and why allies are either needed or not needed and how a power ca Read Full Article..

New direction in India-China economic relationship

Last one decade has witnessed a remarkable turnaround in India-China economic relation. From a trickle US$2 billion in 2001, the combined trade volume between two Asia Read Full Article..

Challenges and opportunities coexist in AIIB's future

After over two years of preparation, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) was formally inaugurated on January 16 with 57 founding members giving the green l Read Full Article..

Why Western pundits want China to fail

Illustration: Shen Lan/GT

Since the start of 2016, there has bee Read Full Article..

Xi's Upcoming Middle East Visit Strengthening Ties and a Test of Diplomacy

President Xi Jinping will kick start the year 2016 with his first state visits to three countries in the Middle East. This visit will also be his first state visit to Read Full Article..

A Victory Parade for China and humanity

Soldiers take part in a training for a military parade in Beijing, capital of China, Aug. 12, 2015. China will hold a grand military parade on Sept. 3 to m Read Full Article..

China, Russia lead non-West initiatives

President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, talk on the sidelines of the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Dushanbe, Tajikistan Read Full Article..

Will China replace US as global superpower?

The US senior China expert Michael Pillsbury published a new book recently, The Hundred-Year Marathon. In this book, he said that he was "aware" of China' Read Full Article..

India, China mustn't fall into trap of rivalry set by the West

A second visit by a sitting US president to India, the first time on record, has undoubtedly drawn wide attention from the international community. However, the tricky Read Full Article..

China's full membership of SAARC to unleash benefits for entire South Asia

The 18th Summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) ended on Nov. 26 in Kathmandu, Capital of Nepal. Executive heads from eight South Asian Read Full Article..

Is China Still a 'Developing' Country?

On Sept. 24, as U.S. President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly and called for countries to shoulder more international responsibility, Chine Read Full Article..

A meeting of two great civilizations, China- India

 "When China and India meet, the whole world watches."

President Xi Jinping made this statement after meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Mod Read Full Article..

On Deng Xiaoping's legacy

Ezra Vogel's biography of Deng Xiaoping asks: "Did any other leader in the twentieth century do more to improve the lives of so many? Did any other twentieth Read Full Article..

Xi Jinping is awakening China

AT present, China, to which Mandela had special connections, is on the road to national rejuvenation, following its more than 30 years of skyrocketing economic growth. Read Full Article..

The BRICS Summit and the new development bank

In the ambivalent aftermath of hosting a Football World Cup which was a spectacular success but which they embarrassingly failed to win, Brazil is bathed this week in Read Full Article..

How to understand Western opinion polls

The overheating reports in the Chinese media about the opinion poll about China's image conducted recently by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) did not ac Read Full Article..

China does not gain from US decline and does not deserve to be blamed

It is not accurate to simply describe the Sino-US relationship using only terms like competitive cooperation or mutual benefit. The essential relationship between Chin Read Full Article..

The Silk Road and China's 21st century spirit

The rise of any nation will require what Georg Hegel calls 'a spirit of the age' (Zeitgeist), which a country will either unintentionally comply with or volunt Read Full Article..

China, central Asian countries cooperation shines up old Silk Road

The Silk Road linked China and central Asia more than 2,100 years ago, br Read Full Article..

China India: India's upcoming leaders won't tilt against China

China’s new leadership took office last year, and this year, there will be a new government in India after the general election in May. Some in India are highlig Read Full Article..

Opinion: Developing China-EU investment

Bilateral investment between China and the EU has developed rapidly in recent years. According to data released by China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), in 2013, Read Full Article..

The Silk Road - From Past to the Future

In his separate visits to Kazakhstan and Indonesia in September and October 2013,President Xi Jinping of China called for joint development of an "Economic Belt a Read Full Article..

The Chinese dream amid global realities

After their hectic first year, China's leaders are assessing the achievements of the past 12 months in the Two Sessions - of the National People's Congress (NP Read Full Article..

Silk Road spirit running through ancient and modern

Both the Silk Road economic belt and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road are based on economic cooperation, supported by cultural communication and guided by the philo Read Full Article..

China and the UN: what does the future hold?

The 68th UN General Assembly has just closed in New York, and China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi, with laudable clarity and brevity, set out China's approach to Read Full Article..

The rise of China's global companies

The rise of individual Chinese companies to leadership positions in global competition is already well known. Lenovo is the world’s largest PC producer. Haier is Read Full Article..

Looking towards China

The recent border stand-off between India and China was over after India acceded to China’s demand of dismantling its outpost in Chumar, and only then th Read Full Article..

Promoting Pacific peace

Window of opportunity for US and China to reset relations and advance political, economic, military and security ties

The United States' rebalancing to A Read Full Article..

Five ways to a more peaceful, prosperous world

President Xi Jinping's speech at the recent Boao Forum for Asia focused on five key concepts, all of which are of critical importance in terms of contributing to a Read Full Article..

BRICS summit offers bright sunrise

The fifth BRICS Summit is being held in Durban, the second largest city in South Africa,completing the first cycle of summits.

The biggest topic at the confe Read Full Article..

Chinese investment: A source of warmth amid economic chill

During the global financial winter, a breeze of fresh air from Chinese investors bring warmth

Related: Part I: The Makings of a Glob Read Full Article..

China's change of guard

The month of November saw two important events come off on the world stage. In the first week, Barack Obama was re-elected president of the United States. The followin Read Full Article..

China's Female Imams: A Model of Inclusion for Muslim Women

The irony of an officially atheist country possibly offering a way out of an international religious problem is intense. Yet that is what some Islamic scholars in C Read Full Article..

Aggressive US foreign policy

Brian Cloughley Air travel isn’t much fun these days, what with searches, pat-downs, holdups, crowds and queues, so it’s good when sometimes you can hav Read Full Article..

Understanding China starts from experiencing

In recently years, the rapidly-developing China has been attracting more foreigners from all over the world. Foreign students studying in China, as a special group, Read Full Article..

Fifth China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in Tunisia

Yang Jiechi: Deepen strategic cooperation, promote common development

On 31 May, the Fifth Ministerial Meeting of the China-Arab S Read Full Article..

From galleons to globalization

We often think of globalization as a modern phenomenon, but nearly five centuries ago, Asia and Latin America were vibrant trading partners.

Spanis Read Full Article..

China to have even better days in the future

BEIJING:Recently, some domestic scholars of China said that, many signs, including the United States' policy of returning to Asia and the frequent actions again Read Full Article..

Cooperation cements BRICS

Collaboration on global issues is conducive to international political and economic rebalancing in post-crisis era

On Wednesday, the leaders of Bra Read Full Article..

A choice no country should have to make

Since the 1980s, experts have predicted that the 21st century is the Asian century and China would emerge to take the lead. As the G2 was proposed during the global fi Read Full Article..

China-Africa friendship enhanced by diverse, growing cooperation

ADDIS ABABA, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- The friendship between the world's largest developing country and the continent home to mostly developing countries has lasted for Read Full Article..

Year of Dragon: Long may the long reign in China

BEIJING - China basked in festivity on Sunday as red lanterns and firecrackers ushered in the Year of the Dragon, a legendary animal of the Chinese zodiac considered t Read Full Article..

A priority for Asia-Pacific shift

As it adjusts its defense strategy to focus on deterrence, the US should refrain from violating international laws

US military strategy alternates between Read Full Article..

Is China Really Moving into Central Asia?

Debating China's role in the world, or in neighboring regions, has become something of a blood sport: policy wonks love debating it and watching the debates about Read Full Article..

2011: A year of turmoil, reflection, and cooperation

2011, the eventful year, can be summed up in three words – turmoil, reflection, and cooperation.

2011 marks the most turbulent year since the beginn Read Full Article..

How China can be a real superpower?

Watching the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Hawaii last week, I had a feeling we were entering a new phase of Asian geopolitics. For decades now, t Read Full Article..

Where is China going?

The whole pattern of growth under capitalism has been one of an uneven and combined character, exacerbating social contradictions

After overtaking Japan, Read Full Article..

China & the Changing Dynamics of the World

Read Full Article..

China's March towards Marvels, Journey from survival to success

The Biggest nation on Earth, China, was once a victim of West’s ruthless opium war (1839-60), Japan’s brutal invasion (1931 to 1945), global isolation in p Read Full Article..

Right development path

In the 32 years since China's reform and opening-up, a market economy has been introduced and modern infrastructure constructed. The country's 1.3 billion peop Read Full Article..

China bashing won't save US

Is China's currency and trade performance a threat to the United States? Or are American politicians using China as a scapegoat for the country's economic prob Read Full Article..

Revolution of 1911, a path towards modern China

The 1911 Revolution was "a thoroughly modern, national and democratic revolution" which had shook the world and ushered in unprecedented social changes in Ch Read Full Article..

China seeks profit, shuns politics, in Afghanistan

(Reuters) - The Chinese passengers boarding the weekly Ariana Flight 332 from the remote western city of Urumqi to Kabul speak volumes about ties between a rising Chin Read Full Article..

China treads carefully amid US-Pakistan rift

BEIJING(SANA): Pakistan, facing a crisis with the United States, has leaned closely to longtime partner China, offering its “all-weather friendship” with B Read Full Article..

Will China be Europe's savior?

Recently, the media has been full of news on the European debt crisis. Suggestions about solving the European debt crisis are various, and voices calling on China to o Read Full Article..

China warns Europe over its debt crisis

WASHINGTON - China urged Europe to get to grips with its debt crisis before it risks causing bank runs and pushing the global economy into recession.
"The sove Read Full Article..

Europe vs. China: Who is blackmailing whom?

China is disappointed that the European Union has not recognized its market economy status, Shen Danyang, a spokesperson for the country’s Ministry of Commerce, Read Full Article..

Civil interaction boosts Sino-African ties

At the end of last month, while attending the first session of the China-Africa People's Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, the topic of foreign exploitation of Africa was r Read Full Article..

Make China and US stronger

It is dangerous to link China's rise to 9/11 when cooperation and the hard work of millions are there for all to see

During the 10th anniversary of Se Read Full Article..

Yuan as a reserve currency

Chinese wisdom has its roots entrenched in the ancient history, the rich culture, imperial dynasties and the unnerving aura of mystery the land boasts of. Be it any pl Read Full Article..

EU's view about China outdated

Reluctance to recognize China as a market economy has long been an obstacle to China-E.U. relations, and this issue has recently returned to the spotlight. A spokesper Read Full Article..

Socialist democracy superior to capitalist counterpart

Socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics is deeply rooted in China's past and present and has a great legitimacy and historical inevitability. By comparing Read Full Article..

China to be high-income country in 10 years

World Bank President Robert Zoellick recently said that the bank will draw on its own experience to help China adjust its economic growth model, stave off a "midd Read Full Article..

Obstacles block path of US-China relations

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden highlighted the interdependence between China and the United States during his recent China visit in order to send a message of confidenc Read Full Article..

Europe should be grateful for China's timely help

The international community is again expecting China to save capitalism amid growing U.S. and European sovereign debt crises because China was believed to have saved c Read Full Article..

A chance to reflect on the ashes of history

Sunday marks the 80th anniversary of the Japanese invasion into China. People across China were commemorating the nation's suffering and humiliation from the Japan Read Full Article..

What does American Dream mean for China?

With second largest economy in the world, China has shown the global community the results of people working hard. Thus, more and more Chinese people have set their go Read Full Article..

China's 10-year rapid growth is not at the mercy of US

While the whole world was focusing on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, commemorating the victims and conducting soul-searching, some people shifted their atte Read Full Article..

Socialism with Chinese characteristics ensures China's remarkable progress

China has made remarkable progress in modernization in the last half century, while the same progress took developed Western countries one or two hundred years. China& Read Full Article..

China-Africa relations: Far cry from Western colonialism

The West has never stopped criticizing China for developing relations with Africa. Certain Western officials and scholars recently even went so far as to blame China f Read Full Article..

More effort needed to 'go global'

Currently, China's overseas direct investment has surpassed that of Japan and the United Kingdom and now ranks fifth in the world. It is a delightful achievement b Read Full Article..

Building the Great Wall of Friendship

Chinese and foreigners are not making friends enough according to a news article published yesterday. It says some expats live in a Beijing bubble and don't bon Read Full Article..

Experiencing China's BJ-SH high-speed train

Connecting China's most vibrant economic zones, the high speed train is indeed catching many people's attention. Maybe you just can't wait to board the Read Full Article..

From made in China to invented in China

While China, the Chinese and the Chinese economy continue to dominate the airwaves over the past few years, it is the emergence of Chinese brands that now grabs hea Read Full Article..

Star: Guiding China to Future?

Dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of CPC

I.  Glorious Path of the Communis Read Full Article..

Deng Xiaoping's bold vision has changed China

Thirty years ago, Deng Xiaoping set out an economic vision which seemed astonishing - a 70-year policy to transform China into an advanced economy. Read Full Article..

China contributes to stability in West Asia, North Africa

The current political unrest in some West Asian and North African nations has had a notable influence. Keeping a close watch on the development and changes to the s Read Full Article..

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