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New Delhi will suffer losses if it plays Taiwan card

At a time when new US President Donald Trump has put the brakes on challenging China over the Taiwan question, agreeing to change course and respecting the "one C Read Full Article..

What does Trump's Asia policy amount to?

Apart from creating maximum uncertainty - which may be a policy in itself, though a dangerous one - what are Donald Trump's plans for Asia-Pacific strategy under h Read Full Article..

Asia doesn't welcome return to Cold War

In his speech at Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on Saturday, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said China has taken "some expansive and unprecedented actions&q Read Full Article..

AIIB Opening - A Beacon of Hope

The formal ceremonial opening of China's flagship international development project, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), is the culmination of a proc Read Full Article..

Diplomacy: Chinese characteristics arise from three core values

The concept of diplomacy with Chinese characteristics will dominate China's foreign relations in 2015. The Chinese characteristics come from the Chinese developmen Read Full Article..

United, the BRICS countries are still strong

Chinese President Xi Jinping (2nd R) poses for a group photo with Russian President Vladimir Putin (1st L), Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (2nd L), Brazil Read Full Article..

China and India partnering for a better future

Chinese President Xi Jinping (C) and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shake hands i Read Full Article..

Is the SCO prepared to stand up in world politics?

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was launched more than a decade ago to forge closer cooperation among its members. It has done well so far. The group has s Read Full Article..


Last weekend, it was officially announced that the planned visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Pakistan next week will not take place. Meanwhile, preparat Read Full Article..

BRICS may soon acquire teeth

Friday, July 11, 2014 - In what was probably the first time a summit between two leaders was dependent on a football match, that between Chancellor Angela Merkel of Ge Read Full Article..

Chinese President Xi Jinping's Doctrine of Chinese diplomacy

President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have been in office for more than one year. While maintaining the stability and continuity of foreign policy, Xi has put fo Read Full Article..

First lady diplomacy' between China and U.S

From March 20 to March 26 2014, at the invitation of China's first lady Peng Liyuan, Michelle Obama, the first lady of the US, will visit China, accompanied by dau Read Full Article..

Indian PM Manmohan Singh's China Legacy

October 22 might be one of the busiest days for the Protocol Department of China's Foreign Ministry as three prime ministers of neighboring countries—Russia, Read Full Article..

Middle East unease a drag on Washington's 'pivot to Asia'

The developments in Syria over the past few weeks have seen US President Barack Obama's Syria policy start with a bang but end with a whimper, as a Foreign Policy Read Full Article..

Afghan-US bilateral security agreement

With the set of concession, US is looking forward in the post 2014 Afghanistan from the departing administration of President Hamid Karzai, most of the Afghan leaders Read Full Article..

Innovations in China's Diplomatic Theory and Practice Under New Conditions

BEIJING, Aug. 16  -- The flagship magazine of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Qiushi (Seeking Truth), on Friday carried an article on China's diplomacy wr Read Full Article..

The end of American dominance?

A researcher at the World Bank has looked at several data sources and concluded that China has again become the world's largest economy — a position held by Read Full Article..

Is Arab world ready for democracy?

July 3 witnessed another political earthquake in Egypt. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, chief of the Egyptian armed forces, declared the removal of President Mohamed Morsi from Read Full Article..

Turkey: Abandoning the EU for the SCO?

Recent moves suggest Turkey could make a bid for entry into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It would be a mistake.
 The European Union is in a rut. Read Full Article..

Will India join strategic containment of China?

China and India will hold the first joint military drill since the past five years.

All of the observers knew that the symbolic meaning of the military drill Read Full Article..

China and the global security environment in the 21st century

The Cold War period in global security, where all that mattered was keeping the balance between American and Soviet interests, is now long past. For two decades in a p Read Full Article..

Russia-Pakistan-China axis: Putin's snub to India

Ever since coming into office again in May this year, Russian president Vladimir Putin has been snubbing countries like an archetypal snob. After turning down the c Read Full Article..

From Russia, with love

As endgame in Afghanistan rolls closer, all eyes are on Pakistan. In a bid to contain US influence in South and Central Asia as well as ensure greater regional coll Read Full Article..

Our Russian dreams

Diplomacy runs on two legs: economics and military-strategic. Russia does not produce anything – other than attack helicopters and military airplanes – Read Full Article..

Pakistan, Russia and the Taliban

“You are a dushman (enemy) and we know all about you! I’m only joking. Welcome to Russia. I hope you will be able to present the correct facts about the Read Full Article..

Stabilizing Afghanistan a major diplomatic challenge

Zhou Yongkang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and top Chinese security official, made a brief visit to Afgh Read Full Article..

China, Japan must break out of history's trap

WASHINGTON: Last week demonstrators incensed by Japan’s purchase of the disputed islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, filled Chinese cities Read Full Article..

New Silk Road has potential for global significance

DUBAI, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Many leading economists in Dubai believe that the growing ties between China and the oil-rich Gulf Arab states have the potential to expa Read Full Article..

Apology doesn't hide West's deep suspicion

Nature, one of the world's most prestigious academic journals, made an online apology to Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen on Monday, a few days after an article titled Read Full Article..

Partnership with China 'benefits Africa'

Partnership between China and African countries will benefit Africa's economic development, a South African official said as the US Secretary of State made what Read Full Article..

India's sea oil push politically motivated

India's state-run Oil & Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) recently announced that the company has accepted Vietnam's proposal to continue to explore for oil and g Read Full Article..

Will SE Asia become a battleground?

Recently the foreign ministers of China and the US met with their ASEAN counterparts in Phnom Penh. Several thought-provoking questions were raised. First, are Chin Read Full Article..

West cannot coerce China to follow its lead

A long-announced European Union ban on oil imports from Iran came into force on Sunday as previously planned. Despite the fact that taken together the EU countries Read Full Article..

Opening-up west strategy beneficial

China's exchanges and cooperation with Russia and the countries of Central Asia, and East, Central and West Europe have become closer than ever in recent years, Read Full Article..

Will Afghanistan become a U.S. campaign issue?

As Republican presidential candidates gear up for Tuesday's primaries, they remain mute on the U.S. war in Afghanistan despite recent blunders including the sla Read Full Article..

Putin's Grand Plan for Asia

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s current prime minister and future president, has shown a strong interest in Asian affairs. In his second term, Putin would undoubtedl Read Full Article..

China's diplomacy needs courage and strategy

China's diplomacy is very active recently to explore the solution to the Syria issue. After Ambassador Li Huaxin, representative of the Chinese Foreign Mi Read Full Article..

New rules for global governance needed

The BRICS summit, to be held in New Delhi at the end of March, provides the opportunity to begin a discussion on the global governance deficit. Looking ahead to 205 Read Full Article..

Iran is crucial test of Chinese influence

As events in Syria continue to dominate international headlines, and as criticisms are traded between the U.S., China and Russia over Read Full Article..

How should China cope with America's return to Asia?

Shift in U.S. international strategy

Since the end of World War II, the United States has adopted six main measures to maintain its gl Read Full Article..

Xi building bridges on global tour

I was shocked the other day to see this headline in a Canadian newspaper: "The good news from Xi Jinping's world tour was that there was no news". On Read Full Article..

China-Turkey ties enjoy broad prospect

Chinese Ambassador to Turkey Gong Xiaosheng said China and Turkey have been continuously strengthening political, economic and cultural exchanges in a recent Read Full Article..

Chinese VP's US visit strengthens bilateral ties

Before Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visiting the United States, he talked with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on the phone. Xi said that he hoped to exchange opini Read Full Article..

Syria becomes focus of struggle among great powers

China and Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council draft resolution on Syria on Feb. 4. At present, Syria is not only the eye of the storm in the Middle East, b Read Full Article..

Military blocs 'have no role in Asia'

BEIJING - Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun on Saturday rejected moves to deliberately strengthen military alliances in Asia as "going against the times and peop Read Full Article..

Political bias concerning China human rights 'deeply rooted': People's Daily

BEIJING, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- Prejudice resulting from differences between political systems has become deeply rooted in interpretations of China's human rights sit Read Full Article..

Actions speak louder than words

Collaboration between US and China is indispensable but more needs to be done to overcome mutual misperceptions

Revolution and transformation in the Middl Read Full Article..

Cementing ties with Arab world

Premier Wen's visit to the Arabian Peninsula is significant not only for bilateral ties, but also the region and world beyond

Premier Wen Jiabao's Read Full Article..

Realities behind the TransPacific Partnership

Many Chinese analysts noted that the intention of the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), put forward at the recent APEC summit by the US administration, is to attempt to Read Full Article..

China's foreign policy not a matter of tough vs. soft

At a foreign policy seminar in Beijing yesterday, Assistant Foreign Minister Le Yucheng pointed out that the international community, especially certain Western countr Read Full Article..

China and India to join aid partnership on new terms

China and India have agreed to join a global partnership on aid effectiveness but on vague terms that cast doubt on their willingness to stick by principles set by tra Read Full Article..

A Chinese Century? Not Quite

In the narrowest sense, a superpower has the military might to force the world to acquiesce to hegemonic resolve (for example, the Soviet Union). Then there are econom Read Full Article..

Keeping up with China in science is key to West's economic future

The U.S. economy is declining. China's economy is ascending. What to do?

The answer lies not to the right, not to the left, but upward: Science must b Read Full Article..

Obama's more muscular China policy sets Beijing on edge

BEIJING — President Barack Obama’s sudden moves to contest rising Chinese power are setting this capital on edge, even if in public the response has been m Read Full Article..

China in a corner at the East Asia Summit

Given China’s infrastructure building activity in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, there was more than a hint of irony in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s remark Read Full Article..

No need for alarm over US return to Asia

Beijing, Nov.18 (People's Daily Online) --U.S. President Barack Obama recently gave an energetic lecture in Australia on how a more strengthened U.S.-Australia mil Read Full Article..

Soft power better than hard approach

Global communities have often misunderstood and misinterpreted the diplomatic guideline taoguang yanghui, made popular in China two decades ago by the late leader Deng Read Full Article..

Granting MFN status to India and Kashmir issue

Pakistan has decided to grant the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India, according to Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar. Commerce Secretary Zafar Mahmood added t Read Full Article..

Promise and peril

The writer is special adviser to the Jang Group/Geo and a former envoy to the US and the UK.
Overshadowed by the high drama of Pakistan-US relations, last month& Read Full Article..

Hillary Clinton's visit did not achieve much.

 Apart from the usual warnings and threats, US Secretary of State Clinton appears to have had little to offer. When challenged, she turned from intimidation to co Read Full Article..

Goals of US 'Return-to-Asia' strategy questioned

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton published an article titled "America's Pacific Century" in the latest issue of Foreign Policy magazine, in which Read Full Article..

China not yet getting its message across

During the past three decades China has made great advances in public diplomacy and it is emerging as a vital tool for the country. Obvious highlights are the 2008 Bei Read Full Article..

Putin's visit, though routine, has special meaning

At the invitation of the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, the Premier of Russia Vladimir Putin is visiting China and will attend the 16th China-Russia Regular Meeting of Pr Read Full Article..

Overseas cultural centers introduce China to world

Chinese cultural centers across the world held various celebrations during the past weeklong National Day holiday to mark the 62nd birthday of the People's Republi Read Full Article..

Asian countries should cooperate to resist impact of crisis

Asian countries should strengthen unity, expand cooperation and work together to cope with potential risks in the world economy, which is a collective voice of the rep Read Full Article..

Who will eclipse America?

WASHINGTON, DC – According to Voltaire, the Roman Empire fell "because all things fall." It is hard to argue with this as a general statement about dec Read Full Article..

Sarkozy has a lot to gain from China

The global financial market has deteriorated severely over the past few months. The whole world is pondering how to respond to the financial turmoil fuelled by fears o Read Full Article..

Swimming against the tide

China, Latin America and the Caribbean have enough reason to be optimistic about better economic growth prospects

The economic and political mood i Read Full Article..

For firmer ASEAN-China ties

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their dialogue partnership. The relationship progressed from consu Read Full Article..

Better US-China ties can lead to harmonious 21st century

China and US should focus on exploring the ways to enhance mutual partnership in spite of looking at improving only relationships.

China and United States Read Full Article..

China and the Afghan Endgame

BEIJING – Ever since US President Barack Obama decided to begin withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan, global interest in what role (if any) China will Read Full Article..

Obama revisits Chinese Tibet

Despite facing imminent default on August 2, the US President Barak Obama diverted his attention from a pressing economic issue to foreign and irrelevant non-issue Read Full Article..

No political preconditions for Africa

Mutual benefit, equality, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity are basis for China's assistance to African countries
As Sino- Read Full Article..

Why Americans don't learn Chinese ?

Comment on "Learning more than just the language"

Many people automatically assume that Americans are to blame for not learn Read Full Article..

Cooperate for better future

Time EU stopped giving in to impulse and acted with reason to strengthen its comprehensive partnership with China.

EU countries' relationships Read Full Article..

Unraveling mysteries behind Nixon's 1972 China visit

Zhang Yesui, China's ambassador to the US, talks with Henry Kissinger, former US secretary of state, before an Asia Society awards ceremony in Washington on Jun Read Full Article..

Long-term strategic partners

Common interests in meeting global and regional challenges have brought China and Russia even closer together

The strategic cooperative partnership Read Full Article..

Dr. K's Rx for China


Main: U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner at the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington D.C., on May 9, 2011. Read Full Article..

Seeking a diplomacy of amity

The ongoing South China Sea dispute has drawn attention to China's defense policy and military diplomacy. Speaking at the recent Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapor Read Full Article..

Pakistan to work together with SCO for regional peace: President Zardari

ASTANA, Kazakhstan, June 15 : President Asif Ali Zardari Wednesday said Pakistan will work together with member states of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) fo Read Full Article..

Strengthen 'Shanghai Spirit'

The SCO has come a long way in 10 years and the Astana summit will set out strategic plans for the journey ahead

On June 15, a summit meeting comme Read Full Article..

SCO Tashkent summit concludes with achievements on internal mechanism, external links

TASHKENT, June 11  -- Leaders of the six-nation Shanghai Cooperation Organization concluded their annual summit here Friday, agreeing to enhance cooperation an Read Full Article..

India catching up with China

Despite its elephantine weight, India has long displayed mouse-like diplomatic clout. But now, it is trying harder to get noticed, by expanding into the African con Read Full Article..

China's policy a wake-up call for the US

Only a few years ago, China's approach to innovation barely played a role in international economic diplomacy. Today, China's innovation policy and its perc Read Full Article..

Cold War mentality hinders peace in Asia-Pacific

The 10th International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Asia Security Summit, also known as the Shangri-La Dialogue, successfully concluded in Singapore on Ju Read Full Article..

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