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China and Pakistan Relations after Sharif

The Belt and Road Initiative brings China closer to the world. Its objective to foster interconnectivity among different nations gradually becomes an issue of interest Read Full Article..

Prospects of Pakistan-Russia ties?

The bilateral diplomatic relations between Pakistan and former Soviet Union were established on May 1, 1948. Since the Russian Federation is the successor state of for Read Full Article..

Afghan stalemate?

One did not expect much from Hamid Karzai’s visit to Pakistan to try and rebuild our frayed ties and revive the peace process with the Taliban. Karzai stayed tru Read Full Article..

Logic of one world

The writer is special adviser to the Jang Group/Geo and a former envoy to the US and the UK.

A number of recent books have usefully analysed the nature and c Read Full Article..

Southeast Asia's new leaderships

The writer was Pakistan’s ambassador to the EU from 2002-2004 and to the US in 1999

China, Japan and South Korea — ancient cultures driven by mod Read Full Article..

Hu Jintao and the Scientific Outlook on Socialist Development

Chinese President Hu Jintao's work report to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized the value of the Scientific Outlook on Develo Read Full Article..

(US Elections and Media ) Did you hear about it?

Paradoxically, our anti-American media live in awe of the US. The coverage of the US elections, held last Tuesday (November 6), was a copycat version of the mainstr Read Full Article..

Russia and Future of Asia, Russia: ASEM's connecting link

In a few days, many heads of state and government will take part in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Vientiane, Laos. This forum is justly called unique. Establish Read Full Article..

A new world order?

I was recently in the United States and was on a California beach one day when I overheard a young man comment to another "At least you drive an American car.& Read Full Article..

Mechanics behind the message: Making China's voice heard in a global world

--The latest development on China's international publicity theory and practice since the 16th National Congress of the CPC

Du Read Full Article..

China's way offers Afghanistan better hope

On September 22, Zhou Yongkang, top Chinese security official and a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, made a fo Read Full Article..

Friendships and isolation

At some time in the course of our troubled alliance with America we discovered that our partner was a werewolf that could as sooner harm us as the enemy against whi Read Full Article..

US Asia-Pacific strategy destabilizes region

The United States claims that its high-profile "pivot to Asia" strategy aims to "deter" the threat from a rising China in order to maintain the Read Full Article..

U.S. has responsibility to rein unruly allies for Asia-Pacific stability

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 :- U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Sunday began his three-nation Asia-Pacific tour, during which he will pay his first visit as Pentagon Read Full Article..

Fearing others' rise offers quick path to eventual doom

In 1941, then Japanese emperor Hirohito, like his military advisors, believed that Japan could win a single "decisive battle" against the US and then enga Read Full Article..

Politics of the youth bulge

The writer is special adviser to the Jang Group/Geo and a former envoy to the US and the UK.

Can the electorate’s changing demographics, subs Read Full Article..

Putin's Grand Plan for Asia

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s current prime minister and future president, has shown a strong interest in Asian affairs. In his second term, Putin would undoubtedl Read Full Article..

China's success here to stay

Despite being repeatedly proved wrong, proponents of the "China collapse" theory have been using it to win their share of the market. A recent article by Gor Read Full Article..

A fresh election is the only way to prevent a coup that no one wants

Pakistan's first coup was led by a civilian. When the bureaucrat-turned-Governor General Ghulam Mohammad arbitrarily dismissed Prime Minister Khwaja Nazimuddin on Read Full Article..

US entering era of uncertainties

The U.S. presidential election has begun. No presidential aspirants can bypass the "three highs" challenges right now—high unemployment rate, high defi Read Full Article..

China moves to centre stage

The most striking contrast when comparing today’s American world with a possible Chinese world of tomorrow is how their people experience the world beyond their Read Full Article..

To whom does Pacific Century belong?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton published an article in the Foreign Policy magazine last month and then delivered a speech in the East-West Center claiming tha Read Full Article..

Can US-Pakistan ties survive current crisis?

U.S. President Barack Obama made a telephone call to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari on Dec. 4, saying the casualties of Pakistani soldiers in a NATO strike on a Read Full Article..

China can play critical role in reshaping global order

The world is witnessing turmoil and failures among international institutions. The capability of US global leadership is in relative decline. Meanwhile, none of the pr Read Full Article..

Obama takes early aim at China for 2012

HONG KONG - During the last US presidential campaign, with the 2008 global financial meltdown still waiting to happen and the Barack Obama phenomenon reaching its head Read Full Article..

China and India mustn't go for the throat

The scheduled talks between China and India over border issues at the end of November were temporarily postponed. While speculations about this decision are varied, on Read Full Article..

China-India Relations Heading Towards Deep Freeze-Analysis

Concurrent with winter freeze setting in on the Himalayan heights separating India from China-Occupied Tibet, gathering trends over the last year or so strongly sugges Read Full Article..

Diplomatic words of wisdom

Keeping a low profile is and will continue to be China's strategic thinking in handling relations with the world

Ever since former leader Deng Xiaopin Read Full Article..

India's involvement complicates South China Sea dispute

In recent years Vietnam has carried out a number of activities in the South China Sea which have threatened China's sovereignty. Seizing 29 islands claimed by Chin Read Full Article..

India Beefs Up for Great Game

Worried by an increasingly assertive China, India has ramped up investment in its Navy and Air Force. Will it be enough to protect its own backyard?
Given Indi Read Full Article..

Decade of strategic upsets

A striking phrase resonated at an international conference that convened last week in Geneva to evaluate global strategic change. It encapsulated the 21st century&rsqu Read Full Article..

Asia's New Great Game

China and India are both hungry for Burma's vast natural riches. But will Burma's people pay the price or can this Southeast Asian backwater finally enter the Read Full Article..

China pursues no hegemony

The second white paper on peaceful development reflects China's strategic commitment to a world of mutual benefit

The post-crisis world has been under Read Full Article..

In a Post-9/11 World, China Moving Forward

It may feel unseemly to ask if any nation benefited from 9/11, but it is becoming increasingly clear that China has emerged far stronger since the attacks on the Unite Read Full Article..

Fighting other people's wars

Over 40,000 deaths and thousands of terrorist attacks later, Pakistan will join the world in remembering 9/11 on the 10th anniversary of the incident in 2011. In this Read Full Article..

Pakistani cooperation helped make US safer: White House spokesman

WASHINGTON, Sep 10 (APP) - Ten years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the United States is safer because of the cooperation it got from Pakistan through the decade an Read Full Article..

9/11 Commission had asked US to help Pakistan fight extremism

LAHORE: The 9/11 Commission, which was set up by the then American President George Bush on November 27, 2002 to prepare an all-inclusive account of the circumstances Read Full Article..

The price we pay

Today there will be solemn ceremonies in New York, the Pentagon in Washington and in a field near the town of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. They will commemorate the 2,97 Read Full Article..

I stand by my decision ( ON 9/11)

It was a day that changed the world. Pakistan was deeply affected by the event that took place 10 years ago today. Many in Pakistan believe that we might have been bet Read Full Article..

How long world powers will use the blood of Pakistani nation to achieve their goals?

Since 2001, a nation of 180 million has been fighting for the future of the world’s 7 billion.

Since Sept 11, 2001, 21,672 Pakistani civilians have Read Full Article..

China's rise doesn't mean America's demise

I first visited China in 1979, a few months after our countries normalized relations. China was just beginning to remake its economy, and I was in the first Senate del Read Full Article..

Will Biden's China visit boost China-U.S.relations?

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will start a six-day visit to China on Aug. 17. Will his visit consolidate the upward momentum of stable and positive China-U.S. relation Read Full Article..

New concepts need to be in line with times

Several years after Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson coined the term "Chimerica," European scholars developed the ideology of Eurafrica, which calls for g Read Full Article..

Major speculations on China's first aircraft carrier

According to reports, China's first aircraft carrier "Varyag" is going to be finished rebuilding and faces a near term of sea trial, and the year of 2 Read Full Article..

China's Hong Kong: Fifty years no change

The flags fly high at the Star Ferry end of the Ocean Terminal, each reflecting the elements that make for Hong Kong's success, and witness to its resilience. [ Read Full Article..

From nation-building to powerful nation: 90-year legacy of the CPC

The Chinese Communist Party (CPC) completes 90 years on 1st July 2011. Ninety years probably is the longest in the history of any political party to survive. It is Read Full Article..

Cameron should not lecture China on human rights

British Prime Minister David Cameron should not lecture China on human rights as he attempts to win over the emerging power in a bid to get Britain's economy ba Read Full Article..

Communist Party of China makes people proud

Some curious and impatient foreigners made every endeavor to travel in China's remote areas, which were just open to foreigners by camels, cars and on foot 15 y Read Full Article..

Why Communist Party of China has friends worldwide ?

The year 2011 marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Few political parties in the world have 90 years of history, and it is eve Read Full Article..

Western fear of China may cost the world

The vast majority of discourses on China are characterized by at least one of the four following shortcomings, while some surprisingly narrow approaches combine all Read Full Article..

Is China overtaking America?

CAMBRIDGE – The twenty-first century is witnessing Asia’s return to what might be considered its historical proportions of the world’s population Read Full Article..

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